Kickstart My New Album

Pre-Order "I Can't Be The One You Want Me To Be"

UPDATE: My Kickstarter is FULLY FUNDED!! Thank you with all my heart to everyone who has backed this "Kick-party."

I’ve written a whole full-length-album’s worth of new songs & sounds, and need your help in getting them pushed out into the universe. Love the new single & wanna hear more? Wanna pre-order the new record? Well, you can do that & more through this Kickstarter shindig!

It would mean THE WORLD to me if you would swing by, have a look at my page, & give me a KICK toward the goal! If you are feeling extra helpful, you can also share it with your friends & help spread the word.

Your love, friendship, & amazing support over the years means everything to me. BIG THANKS for every time you've come to a show, clapped at the end of a song, shared a post, bought merch, high five’d, requested my songs on the radio, or just brightened my day with your smile. I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear this new album! PLEASE JOIN THE PARTY & HELP ME DO DIS! <3

xo Jillian

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