Jillian Rae on the FladCast at Tuttle's, April 4

The first time I was on the FladCast, it was a duo show. It was such fun that this time we're doing it up with the full band. Join us on Saturday, April 4 at 9:30 PM at Tuttle's Eat Bowl Play as we rock the suburbs in Hopkins, MN. Doors 8:30 PM.

Fladcasts are weekly local videocasts, hosted by Jason Fladager (The Big Wu, God Johnson), that feature local Twin Cities talent. You can check out past FladCasts in the archive.

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Winter Merchandise

I know it's uncool to be seen in clothing with your own name on it, but if you see me in my new sweatshirt with a bear design, it's not because I'm promoting myself or I've got a big ego. It's because I love the comfy soft, warm feel of it, and I just think it's dang pretty!

And NOW there's a winter hat to go along with it.  This winter, we gotcha covered!
Winter cap

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"Heartbeat" Official Video

"Hanging On," The White Wall Sessions Season 2, 10/27/2014.

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